The mission of this faith-based organization is to seek out and serve the needy and provide educational activities to raise the skill levels of both youth and adults to enable them to function in our increasingly sophisticated workplace and society. This will be accomplished through community building outreach programs, educational activities, and one-on-one mentoring.

Welcome to Outreach Development Inc.

Our Programs: Outreach Development Inc. plans, develops, implements, and then evaluates programs that are specially designed to provide training and empowerment-building strategies that enable the target population (African American and low income families) to achieve their goals.

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"Expanding Our Horizon"

We received two more awards this 2010-2011 year. Grants from the NC Committee on Dropout Prevention and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Commission will concentrate on dropout prevention. These grants have allowed the creation of our newest program, "Expanding Our Horizon". The program will run through June 2012.
2011 Summer Intense Reading Program was a major success! The School of Education of North Carolina A&T State University partner with EOH for two weeks (June 17 – 30, 2011) to work one-on-one with 14 of our EOH students on their specific challenging reading skills. The closing award program was a clear demonstration that each of the students improved their skills with the one-on-one reading teacher by reading aloud, identifying story themes, main ideas, and basic critical thinking concepts (i.e. some of the students created comic stripe to retell the story of the book they read or posters to highlight main ideas, etc.). Individual written reports were given to parents/guardian that attended the ceremony. Mentors and tutors who have worked with these students during the spring semester also attended the program. Certificate of Achievement were awarded to each students.

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My Body My Life Award for 2011

My Body My Life: a teen pregnancy prevention program recieved an award from The Moses Cone Wesley Long Community Health Foundation in 2009. This award has been extended, and the program will continue through 2011.
Outreach Development:
Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program
This agency will implement two curricula identified as effective for adolescent pregnancy prevention: Becoming a Responsible Teen (BART) and "Be Proud! Be Responsible!"  BART targets the African-American urban youth population ages 14 to 18 while Be Proud! Be Responsible! targets African-American males ages 12 to 19. Programming will be delivered at Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, using trained health educators. Parental education, including coaching on how to have "the conversation" with children, is included as well as local field trip opportunities. Faith leaders and religious institutions have a central role in efforts to help adolescents avoid too-early pregnancy and childbearing.