The Expanding Our Horizon II (EOH II) Program is designed to have mentoring and tutoring for our students in math and science on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons at our designated site. Along with the tutoring, we also have homework assistance and a form of art expression. We have a Saturday Academy (3 hrs. each session) which consists of a high level of interactive technology and/or character building activities in the afternoon.

Finally, we build relationships with parents and guardians of the students by encouraging positive, proactive and interactive strategies that empower them as they are involved in their youth academic endeavors. We have workshops, and literacy classes, as well as tutoring opportunities.

Our summer program deals with domestic violence, gangs, anger-management and character building. We continue to work directly with students to establish a Summer Intense Reading/Math Program. This week-long Summer Intense Reading/Math Program allows tutors and graduate students to offer continued hands-on tutorial sessions to the student.

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